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This page gives a brief summary of the policy of the Surrey group of this site which respect to charitable events. This page also shows show the charities that have been supported over the years by the Surrey group and the amount of money raised.

It is possible that charged events such as dances may make a profit. Such a profit may go towards the running costs of the groups (such as web fees and stationary) and / or towards charities. 

Picture left - Children fed by the charity Mary's meals - enough was raised from one dance to feed about 30 children for a year, see below for more details.

Below are the charities the Surrey group has supported in the last few years and the approximate amounts raised for the charity from each event.

Giving profits to charity from some events is recognized as part of the Christian giving of the Surrey group and a way to add interest to events such as dances, as well as a way of attracting some people to events who may support such giving and thus support the event because of the charity aspect to it. 

However, in order to prevent charity fatigue, no more than one charity event every two months will be advertised by the Surrey group on this public web site at the discretion of the committee members of the group. 

Picture right, two girls from a children's home in India. One dance raised about £600 (including very kind donation from the band) towards building a new children's home in India.

Members are free to advertise their own events (charity or otherwise) via the private site, and it is up to the members to decide to support such events or not at their own discretion. 

The Surrey group would like to thank all those who have supported the charity events below, which have also provided good value entertainment for the evening.

Details of money raised so far by the Surrey group dances for charity is below. Some of these dances have also raised money for the Surrey Christian singles group to pay for web hosting fees, stationary and to provide a float to cover hall hire, paying band etc should ticket sales not cover these costs.

2005 - Salsa dance with teaching from Salsa bug. About £500 to Aids orphans in South Africa from a Salsa dance with the charity Hillcrest Aids Charity Trust, Valley of a Thousand Hills, Durban, South Africa.

The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust is a faith-based ministry that has grown to become a multi-faceted HIV/AIDS project. This ministry attempts to address the impact of the devastating HIV/AIDS pandemic in a practical and holistic way. The mission of the organization is and always has been to show unconditional love to all infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in a practical way. 

All aspects of the HACT project have arisen out of an observed need. That is, where a need has been witnessed, a plan has been put in place to attempt to meet the need in a way that uplifts and empowers, rather than judges and demoralises. 

HACT is a registered Trust and non-profit organization and all trustees are volunteers from the professional sector. The Trust has an external audit annually, and has earned itself a credible track record over the years for financial accountability.

2007 - Salsa dance with teaching from Salsa bug.
About £200 (ticket sales and raffle) to the charity "Arise" which is part of "U-Turn". Arise helps the coloured community in one of the townships bordering Cape Town. "Arise" specifically was launched to help the children who were the victims of abuse within that community. 

Below are more general details of the charity U-Turn.

U-Turn works with hard to reach women who are homeless / rough sleepers and coerced into prostituion. The women suffer abuse from punters and from the coercers. Most are using crack and in very poor health. U-Turn runs two outreach programmes one in Tower Hamlets and the other in Newham. The outreach workers work on the streets from 9pm -3am making contact with hard to reach women. The women are given a hot drink ,food as well as emergency clothing. U-Turns sexual health nurse gives advice and makes referrals into treatment services. Along side this we advice women on housing, drug services and treatment. 

2009 - Barn dance. About £250 to Mary's meals (feeds a child from about £6 per year in 2010) to include money raised from a raffle, donations, and some profit from ticket sales..

Mary’s Meals is an international movement to set up school feeding projects in communities where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education. Mary’s Meals provides daily meals in school for over 500,000 children in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Mary’s Meals not only addresses the immediate needs of hungry children by giving them a daily meal, it also allows those children to receive an education that can provide an escape from poverty for themselves and their communities.

2011 - Live band and dance. About £600 to  towards building a children in India. The band very kindly donated about 1/3 of their fee. See the I love to change web site - a small local charity. 

The main focus of the Charity has been supporting and building Children's homes.The charity has supported a host of other projects apart from Children's homes though, such as starting three tailoring schools, drilling for seven wells (by 2010, more now), funding cataract operations, building homes and Churches and more..... 

The charity now has it's biggest project so far. Some land has been bought and a well dug on the land, and the intention is now to build a children's home on this land. 

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