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Christian Connections - Where UK Christians meet, mix and match, Meeting on-line and Events


Bedford Christian singles - Social events in the Bedford area. See


Harvesters - We are an established social group of Christians who are either single, widowed or divorced, most of whom live in the West Midlands.

London area

Christian Encounter - Mainly London based social group for Christian singles.

South England

Twenties, Thirties, Forties - An national organisation in the United Kingdom (mainly based in the South East) that organises social events for people in their twenties, thirties and forties -

SCENE (formerly South Coast Events) is a Christian social group started in 2001 by a small core of friends. This friendly atmosphere has stayed with us and made us a welcoming group. We are neither a business nor a dating agency but an extended group of friends and acquaintances who get together for variou activities. The group is run by Christians with a admin co-ordinator and various Event Organisers (all volunteers) who put together our 'Core Events' - 

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