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Different groups represented by this web site may have slightly different polices as regards whether there is a need to formally join the group or not. 

For the Essex and Surrey groups, events are open to any single Christian and non-Christians are welcome as guests. For some events, married couple are welcome, particularly past members. 

Once people have come to at least one event, they can join a private password protected web site that allows members to contact each other and arrange their own events.

To join the members private password protected web site please click on either the logo or link below and then follow on-line instructions as well as the instructions in bold below.

 You may find it easier to join if you first set up a Yahoo E-mail address if you do not already have one, but this should not be essential. If you do set up a new Yahoo E-mail address and do not want it to be your main E-mail address, you can set it up to forward your E-mails to another address. 

1. Please give us some details of an event you have been to and people you have met.
2. Please tell us a bit about your Christian Faith, such as what Church you go to.

These criteria are not designed to be awkward, but so the groups continue to serve single Christians in an effective and safe way.

Click to join sesinglechristians

Click to join sesinglechristians

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